UCCS Climate Change

September 8, 2016

Global warming is real. no wiggle room around it, that is what three professors at university of colorado springs say. they sent an e-mail to students saying human cause climate change is legit. (Read More)

What’s the deal

August 27, 2015

The question was whether they think someone who regularly smokes marijuana risks harming themselves. In 1990, 77.8 percent of respondents agreed with that statement — but by 2013 that number had plummeted to 39.5 percent. (Read More)

RMIP leaves its incubator woes behind

July 31, 2015

Ultimately, coaxed by financial pressures, they chose to do away with CSTI — scrapping its board, selling its building and entering a “rebranding process” that would lead to the creation of a new nonprofit with a new mission. (Read More)

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