Ward Churchill Defense

February 16, 2007

Contributed by: Admin Views: 457 We’ve come to a critical moment in the effort to derail Ward Churchill’s firing, whose case has become a focal point for the defense of dissent and critical thinking in (Read More)

Provost to take next step

February 16, 2007

Rallo chosen as president of private Texas University K.C. Vetter Dr. Joseph Rallo, provost and academic vice president at Western Illinois University, has been named the fourth president of Angelo State University in San Angelo, (Read More)

Feds do their best to perpetuate myth

February 16, 2007

Every day, new peer-reviewed articles provide scientific support for what medical marijuana users know from their own personal experience. The latest publication, from a leading HIV researcher, confirms that smoked marijuana significantly reduces pain associated (Read More)

Minimum wage s maximum impact

February 16, 2007

Law negatively affecting bottom lines Joan Johnson February 16, 2007 With a minimum wage adjusted for inflation based on the Denver-Boulder-Greeley consumer price index, within a decade a teenager could be earning a minimum wage (Read More)

UCSC endorses 3-level performance rating plan

February 15, 2007

COUNCIL: DISCUSS USE OF QUALITATIVE RATINGS FOR 2008-09 February 15, 2007 By Marianne Goodland Silver & Gold Record reporter University of Colorado Staff Council members recently endorsed a proposal to use a three-level rating system (Read More)

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