Assault’s aftermath

January 30, 2007

By RACHEL BERNS Colorado Daily Staff For many CU students, Boulder is a bubble. All they know is the world that surrounds them – school, skiing and partying. They may suffer minor consequences such as (Read More)

ICSF Chair steps down

January 30, 2007

By PAULA PANT Colorado Daily Staff Writer The chairman of the student government group representing all four CU campuses will step down effective Feb. 9. His second-in-line, Rebekah Griffith, will take his place. Bill Simmons (Read More)

Accord on Increasing Pell Grants

January 30, 2007

By DIANA JEAN SCHEMO WASHINGTON, Jan. 30 The maximum federal grant for middle- and low-income students to attend college would increase for the first time in four years under a catchall spending bill that House (Read More)

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