CU president pleads for med school funds

January 24, 2007

Health Sciences Center drained, he says By HANK LACEY THE GAZETTE DENVER c University of Colorado President Hank Brown made an impassioned plea to Republican legislators to increase funding for the CU Health Sciences Center (Read More)

Hank Brown Reflects On Tenure At CU

January 23, 2007 Jim Benemann Reporting (CBS4) DENVER Hank Brown announced last week he will leave his position as president of the University of Colorado in a year. University presidents typically don’t win popularity contests, but Brown (Read More)

Hank Brown Considers Tax Increase For Higher Ed

January 23, 2007

cbs4denver.comBy Steven K. Paulson, Associated Press Writer (AP) BOULDER, Colo. University of Colorado President Hank Brown said Tuesday he’s considering a proposal to ask voters for a tax increase for higher education as long as (Read More)

Dems eager to aid health care

January 23, 2007

Legislators aim for cheaper drugs, more coverage By Jeri Clausing Denver Post Staff Writer Denver Post Money is tight. And recommendations for long-term health care reform are months away. But Democratic legislative leaders are moving (Read More)

Correct measures

January 23, 2007

In a first step toward reforming the state’s costly, crowded prison system, Gov. Bill Ritter on Monday announced plans to loan a University of Colorado vice chancellor to the Department of Corrections. Brian Burnett will (Read More)

A closetful of memories

January 23, 2007

Visions of outfits past conjure sentimental, embarrassing stories By CAROL McGRAW THE GAZETTE Eve Blackmon really hated that dress. And who wouldn t? It was gray with red stripes, with pretzels yes, pretzels printed all (Read More)

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