Jesus ween

KRDO interviews UCCS instructor Jeff Scholes for an expert opinion on a new idea, Jesus Ween, as a replacement for traditional Halloween festivities.

Transcript from closed captioning:

KRDO 10/31/2011 10:24:03 PM: …says it’s all in fun and shouldn’t be taken seriously. “i hope we aren’t too frightening for kids. it’s all about just a night to dress up, be silly, have fun with it and get a little candy.” a philosophy professor at u-c-c-s says he’s surprised jesus-ween hasn’t caught on yet, in what many consider to be our conservativ e, religious city. “halloween is this one night, perhaps a unique night out of the year, where strangers will open the door for anyone. therefore, it provides perhaps an opportunity to proselytize or to evangelize.” we checked around today, and found that most of the local church community knew nothing about jesus-ween. for them, the harvest festival seems to remain the popular halloween alternative. “to be appropriate in dress and celebration. it doesn’t have to be all about someone getting their head chopped off.” and others see the jesus- ween movement as less of a treat for kids, and more of a trick. live in the springs–scott harrison, krdo newschannel 13. thanks, scott. the jesus-ween movement doesn’t rule out candy… it suggests including candy with a christian gift on halloween.