Redrawing Congressional Districts

10/17/2011: KRDO (ABC) KRDO
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¬†state lawmakers couldn’t make up their minds when it comes to re- drawing congressional districts.. now it will be up to a judge to decide… krdo newschannel 13’s tak landrock live tonight with why it should matter to you … republicans and democrats have been fighting over this since the beginning of the year.. now it’s heading to court where a judge will decide how to divide the seven districts. and who you will vote for in the future… when you look at colorado it’s broken up into seven congressional districts… represented by three democrats and four republicans. and this new redistricting… because of census numbers,,,,, could change who holds the power… “the fight is all about trying to increase your party’s strength in congress. that’s what it really comes down to. meet josh dunn.. political science professor at uccs. “what you want to do is trying to really consentrate your opponents voters in few districts as possible so you’ll have a bunch of republicans in one distract and a bunch of democrats in another.. it’s known as gerrymanders… a term created back in the 1812 by a boston newspaper. “with gerrymanderinging… the people in power can manipulate districts, so you’re vote doesn’t count… you go to the polls and you might as well as not show up.. ” in southern colorado … the third congressional district …. all the counties in blue… is the one that’s part of a tug of war between democrats and republicans.. congressman scott tipton thinks his district, which also makes up western colorado is competetive when it comes to congressional races.. democrats disagree, and they want that district redrawn.. “i think there are consequenses to having districts that aren’t comeptative… it’s probably bad for democracy where there isn’t any debate or discussion in a district.’ a judge will make a decision soon on the redistricting… he’ll be looking at maps by democrats, republicans and other special interest groups reporting live tak landrock krdo newschannel 13.