Cool Science

10/15/2011: KOAA (NBC) 5 p.m.
… get your safety goggles ready… you’re going to need them. it’s the cool science festival at u-c-c-s. today it kicked off with the carnival…lots of groups setting up booths and talking about how they use science everyday. we took a news 5 live truck out to show how we use science in the news business.. …some of them even showed us how it’s done. news five’s matt stafford helped kick things off this morning… but not quite like news five’s anya winslow. …not sure if you saw our morning show today… but anya got to learn first-hand what happens when you mix warm water and cold liquid nitrogen. …take a look…. “it is boiling liquid nitrogen at 300 below zero, this is hot water, and this is what happens when the two mix… boom… laughing anya: we are wet, and that’s some super cool science.” no reporters were hurt in the making of this clip. the cool science festival has stuff going on all week. for more information… head to the web —