Boulder County man held in dorm gropings

By Daily Camera

February 26, 2007

BOULDER – A man suspected of talking his way into several University of Colorado dorm rooms and groping two students after crawling into bed with them was arrested by campus police late Friday.

The man, Christopher Frederick Ferguson, 20, was being held at the Boulder County jail on suspicion of 10 counts of second-degree burglary, two counts of unlawful sexual contact and one count of harassment. His bond was set at $2,500.

Police issued a rare “campus safety alert” last Monday after several women in Baker, Libby, Smith and Kittredge West halls reported that a man barged into their rooms looking for a place to stay early Friday and Saturday mornings, claiming he was too drunk to get home.

More victims came forward after the news got out, and detectives now suspect Ferguson in at least 10 incidents.

Some of the witnesses have yet to be interviewed, but police felt it was urgent to make an arrest, police Cmdr. Brad Wiesley said.

“In this case, we felt a need to act faster . . . to keep our students out of danger,” he said.

Police said Ferguson lives in Boulder County but is not a CU student.

His criminal record includes three previous arrests since age18, according to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. Boulder police arrested him twice on suspicion of misdemeanor assault and once for failing to appear in court on a charge of underage possession of alcohol.

Wiesley said it’s difficult to say whether the intruder actually was drunk or faked intoxication to get into the dorms.

“I don’t know that we’ll ever know for sure without contacting the person on that night,” he said. “What we have now are people’s opinions of what happened.”

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