C.U. President Says He’s Resigning

By Jenn Schuch

Within the 30 months since Hank Brown took over as president of The University of Colorado, the school has been wrought with scandals and criticism. Now, the university’s most recent president says he’s resigning next year. Brown claims he’s accomplished all his goals and plans to step down on February 1st, 2008.

From the moment he took over as University President in August of 2005, he faced a difficult situation. It wasn’t even two years ago one of the school’s professors was criticized for comparing World Trade Center victims to Nazis. The incident involving professor Ward Churchill brought national negative attention to the school.

However, Professor Churchill’s controversy wasn’t the only one going on when the newly appointed President Brown stepped in. Two female physical trainers were in the midst of a trial after accusing an assistant football coach of sexually assaulting them. A judge dismissed their case, however appeals are still ongoing.

Despite the loads of school troubles, President Brown says enrollment and donations are surging. The former state senator took over as interim president in August, 2005 and made official in May of 2006.