KKTV – Derrick White in the NBA playoffs

TRANSCRIPT: 04/14/2019: KKTV (CBS)
you know who showed out in game 1? denver native derrick white. he took full advantage of the return to his home town… showing the nuggets what they passed up on in the nba draft… he lit it up for 3 seasons here at uccs…couple years later he’s doing the same thing in the nba playoffs… his first playoff game ever…this is the play that everyone was talking about… white throws down the one-handed dunk with authority and shakes the pepsi center at the same time. the 2nd year point guard was solid. finished 7 for 10 from the field, 16 points and 5 assists…and more importantly, he got the win over his hometown team… “he’s spectacular for somebody who got put into that position, and to learn that position with a bunch of new players is really remarkable when he’s done what he’s done. so hopefully he’ll continue to play that way because it’s gonna be a long series.”