KKTV – Bigger role for Derrick White with the Spurs

TRANCSRIPT: 10/10/2018: KKTV (CBS)
the spurs suffered an unfortunate injury during this preseason… but its an injury that may further open the door for former u-c-c-s star derrick white… white played in 17 games last season for the spurs in his rookie year… but this year… coach gregg popovich was expecting his role to increase… now with the news that guard dejounte murray is out for the season with a torn a-c-l… they’ll expect more from white… “we were already confident in derrick. he’s done a good job for us and was improving quickly just like dejounte had. whether dejounte was healthy or not, derrick was going to play because he’s earned it. so he’s in good shape.” he didn’t play much last year, but when he did… he made the most of it… averaged 3 points in eight minutes per game… but he shot pretty well… 48 percent from the field and he made eight of his 13 three point attempts