KOAA – 2018 primary election analysis – June 27, 2018

TRANSCRIPT: 06/27/2018: KOAA (NBC)
now to our election watch– this week’s primary broke voter turnout records, for a few different reasons. news 5’s alasyn zimmerman joins us in studio to explain how this could play a role in the november election…. one of the biggest reasons for the more than a million voters who turned in their ballots– is of course this being the first time unaffiliated voters could participate. pair that with some big ticket races… and those are just a couple of the reasons why so many ballots made it to the drop off box. of the more than one million voters…a little more than 280 thousand of those are unaffiliated voters. of those– many of them asked for democratic ballots ahead of the election. and more registered democrats turned out for this election than registered republicans. u-c-c-s political science professor joshua dunn… says the party makeup in colorado could be changing. i think it’s still a purple state but it’s becoming more blue, i think that’s a fair description of it. i do think that republicans think they have a shot in this gubernatorial election’ a lot of opportunities are on the way for people who don’t belong to a political party…. this november a measure will be on the ballot to include four unaffiliated voters in the process for creating legislative and congressional districts. on news 5 at six… we’ll take a closer look at the data from tuesday’s election… including the percentage of unaffiliated votes thrown out… after turning in multiple ballots. always watching out for you southern colorado– alasyn zimmerman– news 5.