KOAA – Colin Prater caddies at U.S. Senior Open – June 26, 2018

TRANSCRIPT: 06/26/2018: KOAA (NBC)
day two is the big practice day… the day where every player in the field plays 18 holes on the east course… some of the players in the field this is their first time playing golf here in colorado springs or seeing the broadmoor in real life. one of those guys in john smoltz… that john smoltz… yes… baseball hall of famer and cy young winning pitcher for the atlanta braves. smoltz won his way into the field by winning a 3–man playoff in his qualifying tournament… realizing a life long dream he called it. he is a self described golf nut who considers playing in a usga event the biggest accomplishment of his life. as a golfer i dont have all the pitches so to speak… youll get exposed quickly and i have what i have – i’ve never taken a lesson, i don’t practice i just play and it’s been a passion of mine ever since i realized being a pitcher starting in a ball – i’ve got 4 days where i’ve got to find a way to occupy time because i pitch ever five days i picked up golf at about 20 21 years old and the bug never has left i’ve got such admiration for a game that i had no appreciation for. smoltz said he has never seen or played the course before and he is going to rely on what ever local knowledge he can during this time…. like his caddie… colin prater. prater is a palmer graduate… colorado springs native and just finished up a sterling career with the uccs golf team where he finished in the top 10 at the division 2 ncaa finals… prater grew up caddying the broadmoor so when director of golf russ miller was asked to give smoltz a smart and knowledgeable caddie – prater was the guy for the hall of famer. i know this course maybe better than anybody – i’ve played maybe a thousand rounds out here since i was 3 years old playing golf here so i know every inch of this golf course like the back of my hand