Colorado races heat up as primary election is six days out

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – Candidates are entering an important week as the Colorado primary election is just six days out.

More signs are popping up on street corners, and more ads airing on TV as the race heats up.

Specifically, negative ads are airing more frequently, in many races like the one for Congressional District 5 in Colorado Springs, and the gubernatorial race for Colorado.

UCCS Professor of Political Science, Josh Dunn said the negative ads, just diminish support for all involved.

“The primary effect of negative ads is to actually keep people from voting. It doesn’t get people to vote for you, But it might keep your opponent’s supporters from now mailing in the ballot,” Dunn said.

Dunn said the ads show candidates have funding and are hopeful to win.

Money is flowing in for Colorado candidates.

As of Wednesday, the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office reports republican and democratic candidates have collected more than 20 million for their campaigns.

Democrats are currently out fundraising Republicans 4 to 1.

Thanks in part, to contributors like Michael Bloomberg who’s donated $2 million to a PAC supporting Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Mike Johnston.

This total doesn’t account for the millions issue campaigns have collected to push their own agenda.

But Dunn points out, big dollars don’t always translate to local support.

“Because someone might have raised a lot of money, but it might be from outside the state or from outside the district,” Dunn said. “So it might not indicate a substantial amount of support say from the voters in district five, here in El Paso County.”