UCCS professor weighs in on President Trump canceling summit with North Korea

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By: Colleen Sikora
Posted: May 24, 2018 10:37 PM MDT

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – What’s next for relations between the United States and North Korea are up in the air as President Donald Trump called off the June 12 summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

“If and when Kim Jong Un chooses to engage in constructive dialogue and actions, I am waiting,” Trump said.

In his statement, the President leaving room for talks, but still shocking some.

Inhan Kim is an Assitant Professor of political science at the University of Colorado – Colorado Springs. Kim said the differences in agendas between the two countries on denuclearization are hard to overcome.

“They have different ideas, different visions for the scope of denuclearization of North Korea, the second, (the) pace of denuclearization, and the third the compensation related to it,” Kim said.

The U.S. has presented a clear idea of what it wants from North Korea in terms of denuclearization. Colorado Senator Cory Gardner (R) summed up the position in a video statement Thursday.

“The goal of the United States is the complete, verifiable, irreversible denuclearization of the North Korean regime,” Gardner said.

Kim said Trump’s decision Thursday is evidence of that goal.

“He was quite successful in making that clear to the world,” Kim said.

Kim added he doesn’t think war is imminent between the two countries right now.

Adding President Trump left room for diplomacy that could be reciprocated.

“It may take time but it (North Korea) will definitely try to look for another opportunity with the United States,” Kim said.