KRDO – Club football first game – May 5, 2018

TRANSCRIPT: 05/05/2018: KRDO (ABC)
no scholarships … no money … no real reason to collide for 60 minutes other than they like the game of football … this is the u-c-c-s club football team … nats – huddle breakdown elijah ashton, wide receiver “it’s the greatest thing ever, i love just competing at anything. i don’t get a better high.” think of it like the sandlot for football … a rag-tag group of young men strapping on the pads for the love of the game … christian cross, quarterback “football’s always been really near and dear to my heart.” there are real stakes … a real scoreboard … and real competition … christian cross, quarterback “we’ve got a lot to prove considering we’re a new team this year. so we’re just trying to come out here and do our thing, do what our coaches tell us, know our assignments and win football games.” mission accomplished in game one … the lions absolutely dismantled the rocky mountain wildfire … nats – elijah touchdown elijah ashton, wide receiver “i saw the quarterback had me, he got me, and i just kept dancing around.” nats – elijah touchdown the players come from all walks of life – but they’ve banded together quickly … soren ferrell, defensive lineman “it’s been tough getting back into it for sure, i’m a little older than the rest of the guys but all these guys out here are my brothers, i’ve only known them for a couple months but we’re all really close.” soren farrell is 25-years-old … the savvy veteran of the group … but with age comes wisdom … soren ferrell, defensive lineman “i did play a year in college – a lot of these guys just have high school experience – so i’m trying to give them a little bit of my insight, keep them disciplined out there.” life lessons are plentiful on the gridiron … but really this is a group dedicated to one thing … christian cross, quarterback “make some new friends, lifelong relationships with these guys, at the end of the day it’s all about having fun.” end on nats to clarify … u-c-c-s has no intention of adding an n-c-a-a football program and the club program is completely independent from the school’s athletic department … if you want to catch the lions at their next home game … they play on june 2nd at 7:00 p-m