UCCS Women’s golf team headed to first ever NCAA Regional Tournament

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – In just their fifth year of existence the UCCS women’s golf team is headed to the NCAA Regional Tournament after winning the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference championship last week.

The Mountain Lions will be the 12th seeded team out of 12 teams at the tournament which will be held at Hillcrest Golf Club in Durango, Colorado May 7-9.

This is the team’s biggest tournament in school history yet they are approaching it the same way they have any other tournament. Very calm.

TRANSCRIPT: 05/02/2018: KKTV (CBS)
the uccs men’s golf team will once again be representing the school at the ncaa regionals next week… but this time… they’ve got some company… the women’s team for the first time in school history is also headed to regionals… and as taylor kilgore reports… they’re pretty relaxed going into their biggest tournament… it’s the last day of practice for uccs women’s golf…the team is calm, they are loose and even having a little fun… nats 5 days from now, they will be playing in the ncaa regionals for the first time in program history… “it’s amazing. my freshman year i never thought we would have come this far. for me it is super special to see, it’s just really exciting.” the team is fresh of an rmac championship, another program first. “the experience, everything that went into it…the hard work, being able to reflect on that is awesome but really the work is not done. yes we see it as a win, but were just keeping our heads down and moving forward.” “i think they work really hard all the time and they are always open to new ideas. we have totally changed our approach to practice and how we teach them so it is cool to see the result of what we have been working so hard on.” next up, regionals in durrango. it’s a course the team knows well. it’s a big stage, but the approach for this team won’t change… “not fixing anything, playing our own game, playing with what we have.” “being there, having fun, enjoying golf, enjoying the process, this is an opportunity that not many people get.” “it’s day by day, shot by shot. that is what we teach them. so hopefully we go out, play it like any other round as a team and we are able to discuss and make a plan for it.” either way, this team has already made history. but as they said, there is still work to do… with uccs women’s golf, i’m taylor kilgore, kktv 11 sports.