KXRM – Drive Smart UCCS fundraiser

TRANSCRIPT: 04/09/2018: KXRM (FOX)
students at u-c-c-s are raising money for the organization mother’s against drunk driving.the three-week student-led fundraising campaign..is all part of smart move u-c-c-s..which encourages students to make good decisions around drugs and alcohol.it’s sponsored by the persistent drunk driver committee of colorado.it’s a campaign valuable to our area –last year our county saw 29 d-u-i-related deaths — that’s more than any other county in colorado. we know that its a challenge that’s one of the reasons why we tackle it here at uccs and want to teach our students from the beginning to make these good decisions but i didn’t realize it was quite that high so that was surprising to me meas part of the campaign students and the community are being asked to share a related post on..the facebook page “smart move u-c-c-s.”a dollar will be donated for every share.. going directly to madd victim services in el paso county.