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By: Gazette readers April 9, 2018

Textbooks, which are assigned and shared, in a classroom at Hutto High School in Hutto, Texas, April 5, 2012. The budget reductions that districts in Texas have had to make have increased class sizes, reduced services and supplies and thinned the ranks of teachers. (Ben Sklar/The New York Times)

Recent letters to the editor from Gazette readers.

Debate was a valuable experience

Thanks to The Gazette for covering the nationalism v. globalism debate at UCCS between former Mexican president Vicente Fox and Brexit leader Nigel Farage. As a result of your coverage, I attended and found it a valuable experience. I would like to offer a couple of observations:

I believe the purpose of the event was successfully accomplished in that both sides were presented, heard, and seemed to be listened to respectfully. In my case, while I identified more closely with the perspective presented by President Fox, I heard things with which I could agree as well as disagree from both speakers. And I believe that is just the point of an event like this – it is not about agreeing with everything “our side” says; rather it should be about attempting to understand and learn from other perspectives as well. Part of the problem in our current divisive political atmosphere is “either/or” thinking. We need more “both/and” thinking and a recognition that differing viewpoints can each simultaneously contain truth.

Much of The Gazette’s coverage after the debate focused on a disruption that occupied about a half a minute of the hour and a half event. I was seated just several seats behind this disruption so could see it unfold and would like to compliment the event’s organizers, the moderator and the police for being prepared and for their immediate and effective handling of the disruption. In this case, the individual disrupting this exchange was a Trump supporter – but whether the disruption comes from the right or the left, listening is a prerequisite to critical thinking.

Dave Seyfert

Colorado Springs