Radon testing

new this morning imagine never smoking a day in your life and then getting diagnosed with lung cancer. that could happen to you if you have high levels of radon in your home. it’s why health experts in southern colorado are urging you to test for it. 11 news reporter kyla galer joins us live. kyla, how can people test for radon? we grabbed this test kit from the uccs radon lab for 25 bucks. we’re in the basement of kktv – basements are the best place to test for radon. its how the gas is most likely getting into your home through foundation cracks. put your kit on an elevated surface away from the wall and just leave it there for two days. then seal it back up and give it back to the lab for testing. the ordorless and invisible gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer. colorado homes are much more likely to have it because of the type of soil and granite we have here. if your house has high levels, the next step is mitigation to prevent over exposure. the health department says january is a great time to test. marla luckey – el paso county health department 35:42:16 “your home is typically more closed up and the windows are shut and so when it’s colder outside and your home is more closed inside it’s a better time to get a more accurate test result.” you can get a free kit from the el paso county health department website. or you can hire a contractor to do it for you. we’ve posted the link on our website just go to kktv.com and click find it. dave and rebekah back to you.