Colorado Wildland Fire and Incident Management Academy – KXRM

right now…happening in colorado springs… the colorado wildland fire academy is underway at u-c-c-s. twice every year, the academy hosts nearly a thousand trainees’from around the nation and abroad.fox21’s sarah ferguson ááfollowed the class today –and shows us the importance of what they learn we come out here and try to do as much of a realistic type of day as we canusing real life scenarios, and taking the classroom to read the terrain, read the weather, keep an eye on everybody while trying to fight a fire learning all the different tools and techniques on how to use them and the appropriate care for them ismaking sure they’re prepared for the road ahead.running from a hill, down a mountain throw your tools get into a fire shelter and then feel what its like to be exhaustedstandup: well right now, those in training are practicing the run to safety, once they hear the words, deploy, deploy, deploy, they’ll have 45 seconds to get into their fire sheltersyoure going to use it when you’re cornered and you have no other option and its your most important piece of equipment that you carry on you at all timesbecause fire season, never sleeps.our fire schedule, is january first through december 31st doesnt matter what time of the year, we’re always under fire warning making sure they’re trained for the they can do their best to protect sarah ferguson reporting for fox21 local news right now. this is the 6th consecutive year, the winter academy has been hosted at the university. the academy goes through the 12th..and offers 43 courses