North Nevada Avenue Revitalization

changes are coming to north nevada avenue.with kmart closing down..a home two suites by hilton will be moving in.but, that’s not the only upgrade…the city has finalized it’s master plan for more renovations too.fox21s sarah ferguson tells us why this area is getting a facelift with the city’s master plan complete and the hotel plans in place, revitalizing north nevada will come one step at a time.sot: 12:10:49-12:10:54so it’s really a great opportunity to blend the two areas of nevada together 12:24:57-12:25:02it’s really ripe for redevelopment and we want to make sure we capitalize on itstandup: now when the hotel is built, they plan to utilize as much of the kmart building as they can saying it could be used for other businesses now they’re talking to several including fitness groups and restaurants sot: 12:10:00-12:10:09at this point, like i said we are working through other offers and other uses retail uses that will complement one anotherand with north nevada being a vital connection between the university of colorado colorado springs and downtown there’s a lot of room for growth.sot 12:24:40- 12:24:55we have this national cybersecurity center that is being developed right in the center of that area and that’s going to be a catalyst for cyber security businesses for contractors and so forthsaying with adding the hotel and other businesses to the area.. they hope safety will improve sarah ferguson reporting for fox21 local news