DACA Update

TRANSCRIPT: KOAA 9/14/2017 6:07:12 PM: recipients compared to a week ago… one woman tells me….she’s feeling relieved that a solution could be on the way. even with a six month deadline for congress….she’s ready to see some change. nats of bells as the bell rings at u-c-c-s…..nayda nye-duh benitez is trying to figure out a common problem most college students deal with…. nats; “like an exact time….or if i have an appointment between studying….leading several student organizations….a nd working…nayda benitez has a lot to put down in her planner. nats: ohhhh that’s so cool “everyday she just kind of blows me away” nats: laughter…yeahhhh nayda’s parents immigrated to the u-s illegally when she was seven years old…. “at first i was just like wow she works so hard and she also has to deal with like the stigma” and with hopes of going to college…. “i realized early on as an undocumented person that it was going to be hard” “i’m going to graduate with my sociology degree this may, i’m excited for that but also anxious for not knowing what’s ahead” nayda is a recipient of the “daca” program…. nats of rally a little over a week ago president trump asked congress to find an alternative for it… “my emotions a week ago…they were everywhere essentially” “daca was never a permanent solution it was only a band-aid” with an uncertain future for the program that allows her to go to school….she felt a little better today knowing help could be on the way for her. “i am keeping aware that it is again not an agreement it is just a possibility” but she wants to see more done. “why wait 6 months we need to start the push now” there’s been a lot of confusion throughout today on what’s next for daca…. some of the recipients of the program are curious to see what happens with the bipartisan “dream” act introduced a week ago….. we have a break down on that on our website koaa dot com.