Charges dropped against former UCCS student accused of attacking woman, inducing abortion with skewer

By: Lance Benzel •
September 14, 2017• Updated: 11 minutes ago

Weeks from trial on grisly allegations that he attacked his live-in girlfriend with a shish-kebab skewer, killing their unborn child, a former Colorado Springs university student instead saw all charges against him thrown out.

An El Paso County judge dismissed the case against Ahmed Sameer Almesbahi on Aug. 28 after prosecutors announced that the alleged victim, a Kazakhstan native attending graduate school in Colorado, had left the country.

The order by 4th Judicial District Judge Deborah Grohs and all associated legal motions are restricted from public access, leaving the circumstances of the woman’s departure a mystery.

A spokesman for the District Attorney’s Office, Lee Richards, said she had no further details.

Prosecutors previously conceded that the woman had changed her story multiple times and wavered on whether to cooperate, describing her conduct as consistent with domestic abuse.

The dismissal came nearly a year after Almesbahi’s arrest, and it averted a two-week trial scheduled for Oct. 10, court records show.

Almesbahi, 24, is the son of a wealthy Saudi family, Colorado Springs police said. Charged with 11 counts, including kidnapping, sexual assault, assault with a deadly weapon and unlawful termination of pregnancy and sentence enhancers, he could have received the equivalent of a life sentence in prison if convicted.

Almesbahi was an engineering student at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs at the time of his September 2016 arrest. University spokesman Tom Hutton said he is no longer a student.

Colorado Springs police said Almesbahi met the woman on a dating website for Muslims wishing to be married.

The woman, now 32, told authorities that Almesbahi turned violent in August 2015 after she became pregnant with a son that he described as Haram, “or unlawful in the eyes of God,” according to an arrest affidavit.

She said he threw her against a wall and inserted a skewer, a corkscrew, a fork and other kitchen implements in her vagina to abort her fetus.

The woman said she expelled the fetus the next day in a bathroom at The Citadel mall in Colorado Springs and used her cellphone to document the loss.

That image, together with the woman’s medical records, was among the evidence that corroborated her story, proving that she was pregnant and that she had suffered injuries during similar attacks, authorities said.

Almesbahi allegedly told the woman that “his father would kill him unless we got rid of the pregnancy,” authorities alleged.

Defense attorneys argued during pretrial hearings that the woman changed her story multiple times, once claiming it was all made up. They said the woman could have injured herself or have suffered a miscarriage.

Almesbahi surrendered his passport while the case against him was pending. The judge ordered that it be returned and released his bond after dismissing the case.

His attorney, Lisa Wayne, did not return a phone call seeking more information about the dismissal.