UCCS enrollment

Transcript: 09/13/2017: KRDO (ABC) u-c-c-s is the fastest growing university in the c-u system. over the past decade … enrollment has increased by more than 60-percent. …and as krdo newschannel 13’s stephanie sierra explains… the latest jump … has some students concerned about class sizes. it’s new at noon. it’s been three months since the start of sophomore year for tristan barkley. and the one thing he can’t avoid… nats – yelling … foot traffic …is the crowds and crowds of people. tristan barkley sophomore “last year most of my classes weren’t full … now every class i’m in – every seat is filled.” making it hard to even get a spot “i had trouble getting into classes because there’s so many people i got waitlisted.” and that growth isn’t slowing down any time soon… take a look at this graph … you can see the population increasing by close to 5-thousand students over the past 10 years. “so just crossed the 12,400 students enrolled.” uccs is neck and neck with cu- boulder… when it comes to enrollment. both universities report at or above a 4-percent increase in population this fall. stephanie sierra “so in return the university has built four new housing complexes to accommodate the influx of students.” so why is everyone coming here? administrators say it’s the price point. “we know a lot of people get sticker shock when they look at the cost of a private college … but or price point is attainable.” something they’re hopeful will only continue to attract students from all over the country. “i think it’s great for us because we have enough land to build more buildings.” because the construction isn’t slowing down anytime soon… “we have new facilities being built as we speak.” in colorado springs, stephanie sierra, krdo newschannel 13.