Field of Dreams

Transcript: KRDO 7/11/2017 10:31:15 PM: cano hits a homerun.. cano was named the mvp of the all-star game.. as the american league wins again 2-1 in ten innings… at UCCS…they are building their field of mountain lion park will go up at this location off of north nevada in colorado springs.. uccs baseball coach dave had- jeck hajek gave us a tour today….the field will sit in the shadow of pulpit rock and there will be some spectcular views…they hope to have it ready for the spring of 2018.. i’m very excited about of waht it is going to bring just to have an athletics complex so now to be able to drive down i-25 or nevada say look there’s our athletic complex and see new buildings it really is going to create a good idenity for us a very visible one here in colorado springs,”