Public Health Emergency Drill

Transcript; 06/15/2017: KRDO (ABC) … and today, they are making sure they can do this on a large scale. hospitals all across the state a participating in an emergency outbreak drill to ensure your safety. krdo newschannel 13’s dani fried joins us live from uccs with the details. good morning, dani. good morning dana, that’s right this drill is being held at hospitals all across the state including here in colorado springs, pueblo and parts of teller county. the colorado department of public health and environment is calling the test the phed-ex test which stands for the the public health emergency dispensing exercise. it’s designed to test the state’s ability to effectively implement its emergency response plans during a mock outbreak of a highly infectious disease. in particular, the exercise will focus on the state’s ability to mobilize and distribute resources including antibiotic medications, gloves, gowns and masks to specific places around the state. as part of the exercise, the state has transported supplies from the centers for disease control and prevention’s federal strategic national stockpile. the drill will be running today through saturday. this 20 page document was given to each hospital participating and it details the specifics of the drill and what each players role will be. hospitals around the area may be looking for volunteers so if you’re willing to participate check with your local area hosptal reporting live in colorado springs, dani fried krdo newschannel 13. louisiana congressman steve scalise and several