Dallas Dean graduates 6 months after accident

i’m zach thaxton. this time of year, so many high school seniors are walking across the stage for their diplomas. an ellicott graduate has to roll across stage because of an accident that paralyzed him in november. news 5’s ted skroback was at the ellicott graduation today speaking to “dallas dean” about the obstacles he’s overcome. six months ago to the day.. dallas dean’s life was changed forever.. on november 21st dallas was driving home from his girlfriend’s house.. that’s when his car went off the road leaving him paralyzed from the waist down.. through support from family and a rehabilitation center… dallas was able to cross the stage today like the rest of his graduating class nats clapping for eighteen year old dallas it’s been a long road to a diploma dallas dean / paralyzed from accident “it’s exactly six months ago today” november 21st dallas was heading home on calhan highway after spending the day with his girlfriend dallas “i hit a soft patch of dirt about a mile away from home. i ended up over correcting and shooting across to the other side of the road” dallas’ car flipped.. hitting a fence post.. he was sandwiched.. the state trooper on scene said a couple centimeters either direction he’d be dead.. he called his dad as he went in and out of conciseness dallas “when i called my dad to come find me i told him i couldn’t feel my legs” paralyzed from the chest down.. he spent two months in denver at craig hospital.. in the new teen rehab program called trac laura magnuson / craig hospital “it’s a compilation of nursing, education, a lot of recreation, peer interaction, fun activities and the school piece as well” combining physical rehab and keeping dallas on track in school magnuson “he’s a very goal oriented guy and he had graduating on his mind” support for dallas also came from ellicott high school.. his job.. karrie dean friends and family.. “it’s just our nature, every situation that we’ve come across in our lives we think it could be worse, and being thankful that not only is he alive but he’s only paralyzed from the chest down” six months after that accident it’s time for dallas to take the stage.. nats name and clapping dallas “i was able to overcome everything and adjust to life” he got his diploma and exited the stage just live everyone else.. nats clapping a skill he learned in rehab.. dallas “i told them i wanted to go down the stairs and that’s what we decided to do and thankfully i was able to do it”dallas’ mother said he’s continued to have a good attitude throughout the process.. next step for him.. u-c-c-s.. he’ll be going for an accounting degree online.