Free Speech on Campus

Transcript: KRDO 4/13/2017 5:07:46 PM: campus… with one exception: students must schedule a protest for a certain space, wait for approval, before anything can happen… that requirement isn’t a change for u-c-c-ssu: this means this space here, which was originally made as a space for students to openly protest without documentation… wont be in effect under this law. students may still have spontaneous rallies… but officials say they will be stopped if it’s disrupting the learning environment. “i understand the university is concerned with how the protests may be viewed and how everything will go down but doing that slight disservice of waiting a week to fill out the papers, the relevance of the topic can be severely inhibited.” others disagree … saying having a dedicated area is helpful to students…. “i think having it become campus wide…having it anywhere on campus, like if you’re walking to class now you’re going to have to walk through protests potentially.” but keep in mind… scheduling a protest won’t go away… “it’s very simple if you have to fill out a form to exercise free speech that’s not free speech.” it’s clear the discussion on whether or not this is promoting … or restricting free speech … is far from over. but in the mean time… students know one thing is for certain… “free speech is absolutely essential in any university.” c-u officials say they worked closely with the bill sponsors…and it also won’t mean a big change to cu-boulder and cu-denver. reporting from the newsplex, stephanie sierra, krdo nc 13.