UCCS Professor on Supreme court nominee Neal Gorsuch

i’m elizabeth watts. the buzz continues today about supreme court nominee neal gorsuch. many in colorado legal circles know him. then– there are colorado lawmakers having to pick sides considering party loyalty… and taking into account that gorsuch is from their home state. bill folsom’s looking into the significance of this choice. bill? we talked to uccs professor josh dunn…who teaches constitutional law. there is plenty of attention going to trumps growing list of executive action.. .dunn says it’s all important, but the supreme court nomination is the bigger deal. president trump said it himself. nominating a supreme court justice is among the most important things he’ll do as president. professor josh dunn agrees. ” when you think about the decisions that presidents make, appointing supreme court justices are the most long lasting things that they do.”we’ve seen the protests on immigration orders…and questions about the future of obama care. things immediately impacting people…that may or may not be long term. a supreme court justice as young as gorsuch could be on the bench 40 even 50 years. nations highest court rarely and the decisions from the change. ” it’s really the final say in the legislative process now.” dunn says it’s interesting that trump who is so freely using the executive power has nomiated a judge with previous rulings showing he is not in favor of unchecked executive authority. but he says this is also fulfilling an key campaign promise to conservatives. ” for many of them the soul issue in this election was who’s going to replace scalia. so there are a lot of people who voted for trump just because they didn’t want hilary clinton to nominate scalia’s scalia’s replacement” likewise to satisfy the liberal base, we’re already seeing democrats take a stand against the nomination, promising a filibuster. dunn thinks that won’t last long, because many democratic