Inauguration vandalism

Transcript: 01/21/2017: KRDO (ABC) in response to president trump’s inauguration…. some have taken to the streets to protest… and vandalize property and people in colorado springs… finding some forms of vandalism as well. krdo newschannel 13’s colleen sikora joins us live from the u-c-c-s campus. colleen you spoke with a student who believes his truck was vandalized because of his political views. anthony mitchell says when he left his truck parked to go to class… complete with american flags to fly in the back. … he never expected to find his truck fender burned when he got out. nats: 3:39 this is something you know you just walk by and just start going at it. these marks… burned into anthony mitchell’s truck… 1:14 most likely, you know different opinion in political views he believes… a direct response to two american flags hanging on his truck in honor of inauguration day. mitchell found the burn when he came out of class at u-c-c-s. 3:52 i wish people were a little more tolerant you know around here, it’s sad to see this happening anywhere in the nation :10 it’s estimated that it’s going to cost about $200 to get this fixed… it’s a price some say should never have to be paid. 3:16 in this country unlike so many others, governments can change without their being violence and destruction. — nats- protest– this damage… only a small piece of vandalism since president trump’s inauguration. –nats- protest– on a national level… people seen here breaking windows on a building in washington and destroying this denver republican campaign office… back in november. this behavior daniel cole says… is what keeps people from speaking their true opinion. 4:33 and we all suffer when that’s the case, because without a robust conversation about our problems we’re never going to make any progress. nats- while the vandal’s opinion is burned in. 5:21 i don’t want to feel scared to feel threatened at all, i don’t want to be intimidated by others. it won’t stop mitchell from waving the stars and stripes. if you find any vandalism on any property… report it to police as soon as possible.