A glance at the debut issue of Sociology Compass: A new journal

Sociology, like most other scholarly disciplines, has in recent years spawned numerous specialties and subspecialties, says Joel Best, who is editor in chief of this new journal and a professor of sociology and criminal justice at the University of Delaware. As a result, sociological research is now “notorious for being impenetrable” to those outside its many subdisciplines, he says, adding: “No wonder we worry that others often aren’t listening.”

“Sociology Compass seeks to avoid these problems,” he writes in a letter from the editor. “Its domain will be the entire discipline; it will be open to discussions of all subjects, from all theoretical and methodological points of view.”

The journal is the latest release in Blackwell Publishing’s line of Compass journals, which include journals covering geography, history, language and linguistics, literature, philosophy, and religion. Each title is online, peer-reviewed, and designed to “provide overviews of current research.”

Articles in the debut issue of Sociology Compass include “a typology for understanding” different kinds of school shootings, by Glenn W. Muschert, an assistant professor of sociology at Miami University, in Ohio. Abby L. Ferber, a professor of sociology at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, examines “whiteness studies and the erasure of gender,” and Kerry O. Ferris, an assistant professor of sociology at Northern Illinois University, discusses “the sociology of celebrity.”

Future issues will focus on such topics as behavior and social movements, communication and media, political and economic sociology, and science and medicine.

Information about the journal is available through Blackwell Publishing.